Lavaux on the Lake

The Lavaux region of Switzerland is a narrow 30 kilometer strip of land between Lake Geneva and the mountains. The terraced vineyards date to the the 11th century and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Not many people think of Switzerland when they think of wine because you will never find it outside the country. The Swiss say their wine is so good they keep it for themselves!  They produce more than 30 million gallons a year but only 5% is exported (mostly to neighboring France and Germany). The Lavaux region mostly grows the Chasselas variety of grape that produces a full, dry, and fruity white wine.

You can easily spend days walking through the vineyards but if you want to taste you should call ahead. Most of the vineyards are small family operations that don’t have scheduled visiting hours but may open their doors if you make a reservation. If you can’t call ahead, fear not: the Lavaux Vinorama located near Rivaz offers local tastings and bottles for sale every day. I highly recommend a stop there for any wine lover visiting Lake Geneva.

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