The Nautilus

Captain Nemo’s Nautilus sits in a lagoon in front of another Jules Verne invention: the Columbiad cannon. The cannon features in Verne’s “From the Earth to the Moon” which inspired Disneyland Paris’s version of Space Mountain. See it here:

Pandora: World of Avatar

Pandora is the latest addition to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. It is based on James Cameron’s Avatar film and transports you to the alien world of Pandora, home of the Navi. You are able to see unique flora and fauna as well as the amazing floating mountains. Experience two new attractions: Navi River Journey and…

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival continues for one more Saturday: May 13th.

The Walt Disney Family Museum

Earlier this month I had a business trip to San Francisco and with a free day I decided to check out the Walt Disney Family Museum. It is a non-profit museum founded by Walt’s family to tell his story separate from that of the company. Anyone who knows his life story (like readers of this…