The Matterhorn

The Gornergrat railway is a rack (or cog wheel) line that connects the resort town of Zermatt with the summit of the Gornergrat. At the summit you have spectacular views of the famous Matterhorn and the surrounding mountains.  

Wild Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a great place to visit over and over again as the animals make each day different. It is also a wildlife photographer’s dream as Disney has gone to great lengths to make it easy to see the animals while they live in natural habitats.

Lavaux on the Lake

The Lavaux region of Switzerland is a narrow 30 kilometer strip of land between Lake Geneva and the mountains. The terraced vineyards date to the the 11th century and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Geneva and L’Escalade

Situated at the western end of the lake, Geneva has long been a crossroads of culture, religion, business, and diplomacy.

Looking for trains?

If you’ve come here looking for Microsoft Train Simulator downloads I’m afraid they are gone. Maybe you should try Train Simulator 2017 instead? I’ve owned this website for 17 years now but I haven’t done anything with it in more than a decade. It was finally time to use it or lose it so I’m…